The Trust Market

Welcome to our off-the-grid marketpace. This page cannot be accessed thru the site. This is where you will see legacy items and other sale items that aren't publically advertised....because we have a an insider. Only about 15 people nationwide were told about this page. Lets keep this 'our little corner' of the net and protect our 'insider'. PLEASE don't repost this link anywhere! This link is for YOU not anyone else.

If this page or 'insider' gets exposed....it will be shut down and the deals will be gone. If someone wants something, tell them YOU can get it for them.

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All payments are invoiced from our Sr. Partner GEIGN.net , All shipments are from either Bridgeport, Pa or Wayne, Pa

Check back Bi-Weekly to see price drops or what is still available.

*Prices DO NOT Include Shipping*


Origainally $4130


 Penta 3

Originally $5000



Originally $8995

$1,750 w/motorized stand


Originally $3030



Originally $11,300



Originally $11,300



Originally $18,845

$1150/ea.  (2 avail./TV only)


Originally $1000