Installing Ultra Luxe A/V... We do that too!

Navigating the high end market can be VERY murky. Most people get caught between what they want, what they are unknowingly getting sold and what is really the best choice for their space. That's where Harford Trust comes in. We are not sales, resellers or wholesalers, BUT we do personally work with knowledgeable integrators. We can organize, streamline the process and cut thru the gray areas for you very quickly. When designing your luxury system, we work for no one else but YOU. Don't get lost or intimidated when outfitting your luxury A/V system. Be confident and assured by letting us be YOUR advocate before you spend one dollar! Below are just some of the B&O products we can manage to get installed for you.


B&O's one-of-a-kind, fully customizeable, self-contained wall mounted speakers. You are only limited by your imagination!

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This motorized A/V unit comes in sizes 65', 77', 83' and 88'. Options are stationary stand or a mororized stand that can turn the unit to different sitting positions. The wood grills also come in different tones!

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They can be used as standalone speakers or you can perfectly pair them with a Harmony. They come in multiple finishes and grills are fully customizeable.

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Filled with a wealth of technology, the 28's can be used as standalone speakers or paired with a Harmony.

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