Harford Trust presents to you... the most unique, luxurious audio system in the world!

Bang & Olufsen has created a fully customizable, scalable, self-contained, wall mounted, premuim hi-fi speaker unit. We know how daunting the task can be in creating it, arranging the correct purchase of custom items, delivery and contracting a competent installer.

Look - No - Further

H|Trust is the only technology concierge service that can take the project from start to finish. We do consultations and can install these units anywhere, nationwide. We have personal relationships B&O sales reps, contract certified B&O installers, employ experienced graphic artists and work with corporate admins to ensure your system is installed and functioning correctly.

Tiles can be interchanged with new graphics for a new look during holidays or for any reason! Great flexibility for commercial and residential use. The flexibility to put any custom color scheme or pattern on the unit makes it perfect for interior designers and renovators who want to add a personal touch to their brand or for their client.

*We are not wholesalers or authorized dealers of any brand. We are a concierge service with relationships that provide the best service and pricing.*

The Backbone

Start by determining how many tiles and speakers you need to fill the space of choice. Any configuration from 7 to 40 tiles can be installed. Below are examples of common tile choices.

B&O 8 tile approximate price for base product only:

  • 8 tiles, 4 Speakers, 1 Amplifier - $7k

B&O 16 tile approximate price for base product only:

  • 16 tiles, 8 Speakers, 2 Amplifiers - $11k

Learn more from B&O here.

H|T Package

Create a personal, (commercial or residential) one-of-a-kind audio experience with Harford Trust! Our H|T package leaves no stone unturned and ensures proper installation by our certified techs from start to finish.

The H|T Professional Installation Package includes :  A dedicated Gryphon network, Lenovo control tablet, surge protection unit, any additional power/network cabling, 1 or 2 day installation by certified installers anywhere in the U.S.

  • Nationwide H|T Install up to $3,199

  • Within the DC to Philadelphia areas up to $1,799

  • *Custom designed tiles are $132/ea.

H|T FULL-SERVICE Custom Wall Installation Approximates:

  • Custom 8 tile/4 speaker nationwide install approx. $9,700 

  • Custom 8 tile/4 speaker local (DC to Phila) install approx. $8,500

  • Custom 16 tile/8 speaker nationwide install approx. $14,200

  • Custom 16 tile/8 speaker local (DC to Phila) install approx. $12,700

Brand tiles with your logo!

Possibilities of design for personal and professional branding are endless!

Sports Wall / Official team colors

Sports Wall / Official team colors

Cigar Lounge

More B&O Products we can install for you!

Alicia Keys and Swizz beats

- Oceanside Mansion has been fully equipped with Bang and Olufsen A/V -


This motorized A/V unit comes in sizes 65', 77', 83' and 88'. Options are stationary stand or a mororized stand that can turn the unit to different sitting positions. The wood grills also come in different tones!

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They can be used as standalone speakers or you can perfectly pair them with a Harmony. They come in multiple finishes and the grills are fully customizeable.

Learn more from B&O here.


Filled with a wealth of technology, the 28's can be used as standalone speakers or paired with a Harmony.

Learn more from B&O here.

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