Custom - H|T - Designs

The tiles can be made with any color or any custom designed overlay.  Use your imagination to create your own or choose from one of our pre-made designs. The design names refer to the shape only, the tile colors/overlay are totally customizable.









The Backbone

B&O Shape 20 tile approximate prices for base product only: 

  •  4 Speakers, 1 Amplifier - $9k

  •  6 Speakers, 2 Amplifiers - $12k 

  •  8 Speakers, 2 Amplifiers - $14k

  • 12 Speakers, 3 Amplifiers - $17k

  • 14 Speakers, 4 Amplifiers - $20k

More configuration info here

We will assist you in achieving your imagined design, contacting an authorized dealer and installation.

 H|T AE Package

Create a personal, one-of-a-kind audio experience with Harford Trust! We've created our AE package on the robust B&O Shape platform.

You can only find AE at Harford Trust. Our AE package leaves no stone unturned and ensures proper installation from start to end. 

The AE Package includes :  A B&O Shape, a dedicated Gryphon mesh network,  dedicated 10in Apple iPad or Lenovo android tablet, surge protection unit, 1 or 2 Day professional installation anywhere in the U.S. 

Contact us and ease your mind. We will take care of the whole installation process, covering all the bases for you!

  • 150mi. from Philadelphia - approx. $1659

  • Nationwide - approx. $2289

  • Custom tiles are $129/ea.

Brand tiles with your logo!

Possibilities of design and personal branding are endless!

Sports Wall

Personal Music Artist Wall

Cigar Lounge

Contact Us.

When you have a technology need, big or small, contact us!
email. tcs@harfordtrust.com
phone/text. 301.244.8010

*Walk-thru appointments are mostly scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.

*H|T is a GEIGN.net partner.

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