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Welcome to our highly personalized, unique, one-of-a-kind audio system. 
The H|T  Audio Experience takes audio and design to the highest level of audio enjoyment. The base of the AE is Bang & Olufsen's patented audio wall. We at Harford|Trust customize it to whatever you can imagine. The shape, the size, the covers are all customizable to your preference. We can assist you every step of the way. From businesses to residential, the AE unit never fails to impress. As always it includes the H|T foundation to ensure the best experience.  It includes a control tablet, a Gryphon tower network, surge protection and any other equipment needed to fulfill the highest of expectations!

Custom - H|T - Designs

The tiles can be made with any color or any custom designed overlay.  The AE design names refer to the shape, the tile colors/overlay are totally customizable.













The Backbone

B&O Shape 20 tile approximate prices for base product only: 

  •  6 Speakers, 2 Amplifiers - $12k 

  •  8 Speakers, 2 Amplifiers - $14k

  • 12 Speakers, 3 Amplifiers - $18k

  • 14 Speakers, 4 Amplifiers - $20k

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Does NOT include: Professional installation costs (travel & job time), custom tiles, control tablet, surge protection, dedicated Gryphon network or any other additional items needed to ensure your investment operates properly. All these things addressed separately can cost you alot more money, wasted time and unforseen headaches. That's where our AE, end to end service comes into play.

 H|T AE Package

Create a personal, one-of-a-kind Audio Experience with Harford Trust! We've created our AE package on the robust B&O Shape platform.

You can only find AE at Harford Trust. Our AE package leaves no stone unturned and ensures proper installation from start to end. 

The AE Package includes :  A dedicated Gryphon mesh network, 10in Apple iPad or Lenovo android tablet, surge protection unit, 1 or 2-Day professional installation anywhere in the U.S. and territories.

- 150mi. from Philadelphia - approx. $1659
- Nationwide - approx. $2289

 *custom tiles are $139/ea.

Contact us and ease your mind. We will take care of the whole installation process, covering all the bases for you!

Brand tiles with your logo!

Possibilities of design and personal branding are endless!

Flyers Wall

Personal Music Artist Wall

Cigar Lounge

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email. tcs@harfordtrust.com
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*Walk-thru appointments are mostly scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.

*H|T is a GEIGN.net partner.

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